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What is a Pediatric Cardiac Ultrasound?

The ultrasound is the same service offered to adult patients. It is painless, and the echocardiograph staff will walk you and your child through the procedure. It is also a relatively fast procedure, taking between thirty and sixty minutes to complete. The procedure can be completed on any age of child, and it poses no dangers to the child. You as a parent can be present throughout the entire test, and parents can help ease the child’s worry and anxiety.

Why might my child need a cardiac ultrasound?

Not all children need to receive ultrasounds but the test will be ordered in several situations. It can be used to help diagnose a newborn when they find a heart murmur or help a student athlete who might pass out while participating in sports or other activities. The ultrasound can be used to determine if a child with a family history of congenital heart disease is affected by the disease.

Leading edge ultrasound backed by compassion and commitment.

At Gunnison Valley Health, we provide advanced imaging services right here in the Gunnison Valley. Our on-site radiologists and certified technologists offer expertise, experience, and diagnostic excellence to the residents and guests of our area.

To learn more about pediatric cardiac ultrasounds or other services, you can contact the Gunnison Valley Health Cardiopulmonary department at 970-641-7295.

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