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Transitional Care

(also known as the Swing Bed Program)

Gunnison Valley Health's Transitional Care Program provides skilled nursing care and/or rehabilitative services after an acute hospital stay. Depending on a patient's needs, their physician will order appropriate rehab services to facilitate their ongoing recovery after their hospitalization. This may include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Skilled Nursing Care.

The ultimate goal of the Transitional Care Program is to safely return patients to their previous living situation. Nurses and therapists can assist in identifying any equipment needs or support services at home that a patient may need. Sometimes patients and families desire home modifications as recommended by the therapist prior to returning home.

Part of the daily routine will be to dress and groom as a patient would do so at home. Please have comfortable clothing on hand. A good pair of walking shoes is important for safety. If a patient has hobbies or activities at home that they would enjoy while here, feel free to talk to the nurse or therapist about bringing those items in.

If there are any questions of concerns during a stay, a patient or their family members are free to bring them to the nurse or therapist's attention so that we can maximize the time that a patient has here.

In order to charge Medicare for a Transitional Care patient, the following criteria must be met.

  • Patient must be a Part A enrollee and have benefit days available.
  • Mandatory 3-day qualifying stay in the hospital.
  • Medicare age or disability/disease eligibility requirements met.
  • Patients Transitional Care admission condition is the same as the qualifying stay condition.
  • Patient is being admitted to Transitional Care within thirty days of discharge from the hospital.
  • The patient’s condition meets criteria to necessitate daily inpatient skilled therapy and nursing rehabilitation.

Gunnison Valley Health Transitional Care
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