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Prevention through treatment

Healthy workers are happy workers. If you're having pain at your workstation or at your job, there is likely something that can be done. Our workplace health team can look at your physical movement strategies and your job or workstation demands and offer productive solutions. We provide post-offer testing, ergonomic training and assessment, Work Comp rehabilitation, work conditioning, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

At GVH Rehab and Athletic Medicine we know that prevention is the best form of therapy. We have programs designed to help prevent workplace injuries and put employers in the strongest possible position to create a culture of safety and concern for employees' well-being.

Post-offer testing

The first step in a healthy work force is to make sure the people you are hiring have the physical abilities to perform the job tasks. We recommend and provide post-offer testing using our standardized, computerized Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP) test.

Post-offer testing occurs after a candidate has been offered a job. This type of test usually includes a medical history work up.

We recommend post-offer testing as it provides a far richer data set than traditional pre-employment testing, including medical history and pre-existing conditions. A post-offer PCP test measures body fat and weight, range of motion, limb strength, lift strength and determines quantitative physical limits that are correlated with Department of Labor strength categories and is compliant with ADA, EEOC, and HIPAA.

Because the assessment data is quantitative, it can be used as a baseline for comparison to any future post-injury assessment. Likewise, test data is benchmarked against AMA guidelines. These test attributes are compelling in workers compensation cases where a comparison of pre- and post- injury impairments is the determining factor in claim awards.

The cost savings an employer generally realizes from improved matching of candidates to job requirements far exceed any testing costs. Multiple studies have shown drastic reductions in job-related injuries when employees are matched to job requirements through PCP test results. Those reductions not only prevent workers compensation claims, they increase the number of healthy work days across an organization.

Similarly, reductions in workers compensation claim payouts are realized when pre-injury impairments are catalogued before an injury occurs. This limits workers compensation to covering only impairments related to on-the-job injuries. In addition, accurate measurement of whether an impairment was job-related is a significant factor in preventing experience rate modification for insurance premiums. In one study, average annual workers compensation expenses were shown to decline 36% once PCP post-offer testing was instituted as a candidate assessment method.

Once employees with the right physical capabilities are in place it is important to ensure they understand how to move and to lift safely and effectively. It is also important that their work stations or work areas are maximized for safety and efficiency. We offer low-cost ergonomic training and ergonomic assessments to address these needs.

Ergonomic Training

Typically, we offer ergonomic training in a group setting which makes it an extremely low-cost intervention tailored to the employers’ work force and job demands. We offer an emphasis on training for lead employees and managers to take ongoing responsibility for the program back at the workplace.

  • Options available for posters, pamphlets and other “reminders” to reinforce key points related to workplace ergonomics.
  • Education in body awareness, body mechanics, proper lifting and injury prevention strategies with emphasis on problems unique to your workplace and job tasks.
  • Bi-annual training and surveying has been shown to be most effective.
  • Investing in employees’ well-being improves morale, productivity and culture.

Ergonomic Assessments (work site or work station assessments)

Our ergonomic assessments help reduce stress in the workplace and can potentially lower Work Comp premiums. Some of the services we offer in our workplace assessments include:

  • Performed for a single employee, a group, or an entire organization.
  • The key advantage to our assessment is that we also assess the employee to determine their physical capabilities and abilities to move well. Our experience shows that spending on new equipment (desks, chairs, monitors etc.) is often not effective without addressing physical issues with the employee.
  • This can effectively reduce physical stress and injuries associated with repetitive tasks, compromised postures, and overuse.
  • Job design and workstation layout recommendations to reduce or eliminate potential hazards while providing professional recommendations on reducing physical stress in the workplace.
  • Expertise can be provided to assist in proper job classifications and job descriptions which may more accurately depict your job demands. Such changes when done correctly have the potential to lower your Work Comp premiums
  • Expertise can be provided in developing a safety plan specific to areas within your operation.
  • Shows management commitment which improves morale and culture.

Work Comp Rehabilitation

In the event a workplace injury does occur, the tam at GVH Rehabilitation and Athletic Medicine provides the best care and integration for an injured worker. In addition to the most experienced team in the valley we help to manage the Work Comp process through:

  • Communication – We work very closely and are able to share case notes with the medical providers at the GVH Family Medicine Clinic and the Crested Butte Town Clinic which enhances flow and communication. We keep all interested parties including the employee, physician, case manager and employer apprised of the employee’s progress.
  • Early Intervention – We prioritize getting patients in and started on their road to recovery. There is overwhelming evidence that early treatment via physical therapy improves outcomes and leads to a quicker return to work.
  • Early return – Additional research shows getting an injured employee back to work, even in a light duty situation, leads to better outcomes.

In cases of more severe injuries we have additional options for resolution not offered anywhere else in the valley. In cases in which an employee has been out of work for an extended time, particularly if the job the plan to return to is physical in nature, work conditioning can be an excellent option.

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a structured program administered physical therapists with patients in the clinic for 2+ hours.

  • This specific program includes simulating tasks and functions specific to your employee’s job requirements, cardiovascular conditioning, training in proper lifting techniques, and core strengthening. Work Conditioning also instills skills the employee will return to work with such as proper “warm-up”, stretching between tasks and at home as well as energy conservation.
  • Physical preparation via Work Conditioning greatly enhances your employee’s chance of successfully returning to work.

In rare cases where there are questions surrounding an employee’s capability of returning to work, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) may provide relevant information. An FCE is a full-day, whole-body, standardized test designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the injured employee’s physical abilities and tolerances. These are whole day tests prescribed by a physician and authorized by the Work Comp carrier. GVH is the only testing site in Gunnison County capable of performing this valuable service.

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