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The Laboratory at Gunnison Valley Health is proud to be accredited by The College of American Pathologists (CAP), a prestigious accreditation not easily upheld, as well as by The Joint Commission. We are staffed by board-certified Medical Laboratory Scientists and Phlebotomists. The laboratory staff works diligently to stay informed and competent with today’s ever-changing technologies. We strive to obtain the most accurate, efficient and quality results in order to help you, the patient, be diagnosed and treated without delay.

Gunnison Valley Health's Laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment which enables us to perform a broad range of laboratory testing not usually available in Critical Access Hospitals. In addition to our ample test menu for performing blood, body fluid, culture and transfusion testing, we utilize Mayo Medical Laboratories as our primary reference lab for the less common tests. These reference lab specimens are delivered via air to Mayo Medical Laboratory, and the test results are often available within 24-48 hours.

Located within Gunnison Valley Hospital, the Laboratory serves the entire Gunnison Valley. Specimens are couriered to the lab from clinics in Crested Butte, Mt. Crested Butte, Gunnison and Lake City. Pathology specimens (tissue biopsies and other “surgical” specimens) are couriered to Intermountain Pathology at Montrose Memorial Hospital. Meanwhile, we are always working hard to provide rapid, accurate test results for walk-in outpatients, the GVH Emergency Room, the Operating Room, Obstetrics, Oncology, Urgent Care and hospital inpatients as well.

If you have specific questions about a lab test, call us directly at (970) 641-7259. We are available from 7:30 am – 6 pm on week days or 9 am – 12pm on Saturdays.

Need Lab Tests?

Gunnison Valley Health Laboratory requires a signed order by a Licensed Independent Practitioner. This order can be faxed directly to Outpatient Registration at (970) 641-7211.

If you are from out of town, welcome! Make sure your signed order also gives us the phone number and fax number of the doctor who will be awaiting your results.

Outpatients who come to the hospital for lab tests should first register at the front desk in the lobby at the main entrance. Don’t forget to bring your insurance information and a form of identification! Take your morning medications as usual UNLESS your doctor has instructed differently. Some blood tests require 8-12 hours of fasting. (Drinking water is O.K.) Please ask your doctor or call the laboratory at (970) 641-7259 to find out what preparations you may need to make.

We look forward to serving you!

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