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What is an Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy?

Gunnison Valley Health performs ultrasound-guided needle biopsies which is a medical test used to learn more about an abnormal lesion or mass. This type of biopsy is ‘image-guided’ which combines the use of an ultrasound to help guide the radiologist’s biopsy needle to the site of the suspicious imaging findings.

An ultrasound-guided biopsy uses ultrasound to find the abnormality and guide a needle into the lesion. This procedure can be performed using two different kinds of needles. A Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) removes cells or a Core Needle Biopsy uses a hollow needle to remove small pieces of tissue samples for pathological testing.

What procedures are performed at Gunnison Valley Health?

Gunnison Valley Health performs ultrasound-guided biopsies for:

  • Lymph node
  • Thyroid
  • Breast
  • Soft tissue lesions

Leading edge ultrasound backed by compassion and commitment.

At Gunnison Valley Health, we provide advanced imaging services right here in the Gunnison Valley. Our on-site radiologists and certified technologists offer expertise, experience, and diagnostic excellence to the residents and guests of our area.

For more information, speak to your physician or contact Gunnison Valley Health's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (970) 641-7253.

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