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Diagnositc Imaging - Fluoroscopic Procedures

Fluoroscopic Procedures

Fluoroscopy is an x-ray video rather than a still x-ray image. Your practitioner can use this to see specific parts of the body in motion by displaying live x-ray images to a monitor.

Some fluoroscopic procedures involve drinking or eating barium, a safe element that appears clearly on x-ray. This allows your practitioner to easily see how your esophagus, intestines or other body parts are functioning.

Who can benefit from fluoroscopic procedures?

Fluoroscopic procedures can be used for a wide range of people. Each procedure is used to treat a specific condition or set of symptoms. From HSG which examines the female reproductive system to arthrography which examines joints, there are many uses for fluoroscopy. Your doctor will order the appropriate exam if needed.

Services we provide.

We perform many fluoroscopic procedures including:

  • Arthrograms of the joints such as shoulder, wrist, hip and knee
  • Physiatry studies such as ESI, facet injection, selective nerve root blocks
  • Hysterosalpingography (HSG)
  • Barium studies such as esophagrams, UGI, small bowel series and barium enemas

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For more information, speak to your physician or contact Gunnison Valley Health's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (970) 641-7253.