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Comprehensive Therapy for Whole Body Health

Our rehabilitation and wellness experts provide the Gunnison Valley with a diverse range of cutting-edge services to keep you active and well. You can rest easy knowing that we have all the latest tools and techniques to help you recover from injury, improve performance or prevent injuries while indulging in the activities you love.

Our multi-disciplinary team takes a whole person approach to care, providing one-on-one services that truly address your specific goals and needs. Our providers are experienced and equipped to provide you with a wide range of specialized therapies that address a broad spectrum of needs.

Physical Therapy

Gunnison Valley Health offers a wide range of physical therapy services at both ends of the valley. Our team of therapists have extensive experience, offering individualized treatment plans and specialized services to get you back to the things you love to.

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Occupational Therapy

Our skilled and experienced occupational therapists work with people of all ages and at all stages of life to help them get back to their meaningful everyday activities.

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Speech Therapy

Gunnison Valley Health’s Speech Therapy program is run by licensed speech-language pathologists who help people of all ages with speech, language, cognition and swallowing disorders. Our therapists provide a customized treatment plan that aims to improve or restore your ability to communicate.

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Pediatric Therapy

Gunnison Valley Health’s pediatric therapy team focuses on child-centered treatment with an emphasis on collaboration with caregivers, family members, educators, coaches, daycare providers and other influential in your child’s life. Our team of talented therapists will develop a customized program built around your child’s individual needs.

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Sports Medicine and Performance

The Gunnison Valley Health Athletic Medicine team is comprised of skilled therapists who are athletes in their own right. We understand how important recreation, athletics and the ability to work hard are to our community. We work to make sure you can "get out there" healthier, faster, and stronger.

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Parkinson’s Disease Therapy

Gunnison Valley Health offers LSVT an evidence-based therapy program comprised of two treatments that are specifically designed to treat Parkinson’s disease. Both programs are customized to each person’s specific needs and can help regardless of the stage or severity of your condition.

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Concussion Rehabilitation

Our concussion experts work collaboratively with local providers to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of post-concussion symptoms.

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Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

Gunnison Valley Health’s multi-disciplinary team of caring and skilled professionals provides cancer patients and survivors with individualized treatments, tools and resources to promote healing, maximize function and improve overall quality of life. Our program is open to anyone, no matter the prognosis, cancer stage or phase of recovery.

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