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Home Medical Services at Gunnison Valley Health

Home Healthcare in Gunnison County

Home Health is based on a continuum of comprehensive health care that promotes, maintains and restores health. The clinicians who work in this area use professional standards of care in assessment, diagnostics, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. In home health, our focus is on treatment, prevention and education.

We not only serve the patients directly but we also serve their families. We work closely with our patients and their caregivers to assist in identifying basic or long-term needs and achieving well established goals.

Our agency identifies the necessary disciplines to provide skilled services for each patient. Our team works closely together to provide a fluid continuity of care that helps to maximize independence and improve a patient’s functional ability. Through these services, clients are able to remain in their home and utilize community-based resources (like home health).

Home Health Professionals

Gunnison Valley Health's team of Home Health Professionals include:


Will provide assessment and teaching, medication and pain management, IV therapy, wound care and catheter/ostomy management and many other skilled services. Nurses use the nursing model and theoretical foundations to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the patient's plan of care.


Will provide assistance with personal hygiene, bathing, ambulation and exercises. The nursing assistant can provide skin and wound care under the supervision of a registered nurse.


Will provide techniques to include exercise, manual therapy, modalities and neuromuscular re-education to improve strength, coordination and balance. The therapist will assist with pain control and promote safe ambulation in home. Therapy focuses on identifying and maximizing movement potential within the spheres of education, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.


Will provide customized treatment programs to improve activities of daily living and recommend adaptive equipment modifications to promote home safety. Therapy focuses on independent daily living skills through environmental adaptation, education and exercise programs with the use of fundamental ideologies.


Will provide assistance to the patient and family in planning for long-term care, financial management, assessing resources and adjusting to changes in lifestyle caused by an illness/injury. Therapy focuses on counseling and social support while emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration.

Gunnison Valley Health Home Medical Services
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