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Integrative Therapies

Providing professional supporting services designed to assist individuals on their journey to optimal health.

At Gunnison Valley Health our Integrative Therapies program is constantly adding new therapists and modalities. Offering you diversity and options in health care, meeting you in your model of the world, and making changes one session at a time. We offer our services in pre-operative rooms, the Senior Care Center, the Cancer Care Center, the Rehab and Athletic Medicine Department, and the Family Birth Center, and elsewhere.

Services offered by Gunnison Valley Health Integrative Therapies

Classes and Packages with Integrative Therapies

Foam Rolling Class Series

When: Mondays, 12:10-12:50. 3/6/21 - 4/10/21.

Where: Gunnison Recreation Center

Cost: $60

An intro to awareness, length, and the breath.

Foam roller’s have primarily been used by physical therapists and personal trainers to effect change in the body's soft tissues. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Eva brings these principals to a practice of self- massage, while stimulating the respiratory, nervous and fascial system, just to mention a few. If you live with tight muscles, would like to address posture, learn to recover quicker, or increase flexibility this is a must attend class. This class will explore awareness of your body, through Somatic practices, including guided meditations, workshop style education, gentle movements, re-educational neuro-muscular techniques and integration for a whole mind, body experience. Integrative Therapies is joining forces with the Rec Center to bring a lunch time movement program class to the community.

Relax into length. Flush tired muscles. Breathe until calm.

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What to Expect

We offer services at 60 or 90 minute sessions. These time will include verbal intake, and self-care recommendations. Self-care is a recommendation your therapist makes to maintain your health between service sessions. Some initial visits will be booked at 90 minutes, allowing for a full health history and treatment in the same session.


Payment is expected at time of service. We accept Cash, Credit Card and Personal Check

60-minute sessions are $65 90-minute sessions are 97.50

These prices reflect the Integrative Therapies, time of service adjustment.

Insurance and Billing

We do not accept commercial insurance. We can provide you a Superbill that you can turn in to your insurance provider if you have benefit’s that cover our services. Time of service payment collection, allows Gunnison Valley Health to offer an approachable price, keeping our administrative costs low.

Gratuity or Tipping Policy

Our Health Care Policy states that tipping is not allowed. This ensures that all patients are treated equally. We do offer the opportunity to donate to the Grateful Patient Program. This money stays in our department and allows us opportunities, which have included, Continuing Education and Equipment that we may need for growth.


Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) to enhance your helath and wellbeing. We offer several types of massage which include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Assisted stretching
  • Neuromuscular
  • Deep tissue
  • Face lift massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Pre and Postnatal massage

For more information about your liscensed Massage Therapists click here.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive, holistic medical system. It activates your body's innate healing responses by regulating hormones, improving circulation, and boosting the immune system. Types of Chinese Medicine services include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Internal medicine
  • Manual techniques
  • Auricular Therapy (reflexology)

Auricular Therapy

A microsystem of the body that has a direct reflex to the brain and central nervous system. These points can be stimulated with ear seeds allowing relief and treatment of symptoms.

The NADA protocol has been used in disaster relief, on the battlefield and in clinics worldwide o help with pain, stress and chemical dependencies. This five seed protocol is one of the many formulas found to be effective.

  • Shenmen (SM): Calming, relaxing
  • Sympathetic (SYM): Place in fold of ear. Turns off fight/flight response
  • Kidney (KD): Aids in detox, fear, pain
  • Liver (LV): Aids in detox, sleep, pain, stress
  • Lung (LU): Fights cravings, relaxes chest
  • Where to place your ear seeds?

    Join Integrative Therapies Acupuncturist Teslin as she explains the importance of Auricular Therapy and demonstrates where to place the ear seeds.

    For more information on your Acupuncturist, Teslin Maclaren or Timoni Slusher click here.


    Ortho Bionomy is a method which stimulates mechanisms of the body to regain their natural functions that have been altered by different causes – such as accidents, incorrect postures, and/or unnatural habits. The techniques used evoke the self-corrective response within every person’s body. This “recognition” allows the nervous system and muscular holding patterns to release. Thereby, structural imbalances can be regained.

    The philosophy and scientific roots of Ortho-Bionomy lie in the field of Osteopathy. This 100 year old system of healthcare recognizes that self-healing and self-regulating the body seeks to augment the basic curative force. It was developed in the early 1970’s by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls. He also drew elements from his martial arts background and homeopathy. Ortho-Bionomy uses positional release, subtle movement and gentle compression to engage the structure and neurology of your body to self-correct without using pain or force. By guiding the person away from pain, and towards ease or comfort, the instincts of the body are summoned up and the body does not resist this change. It is facilitation v intervention. Each session helps the client build their body awareness and gain knowledge towards helping themselves maintain health within every system of their body.

    “Ortho-Bionomy helped me heal from injuries sustained in a car accident. My neck and back never felt such lasting relief with any other physical therapies or bodywork. I had tried several different therapies – massage, chiropractic, physical therapy but Ortho-Bionomy was the method that allowed me to recover.”

    For more information on your Practitioner, Dana VanMarter click here.

    Subtle Energy

    Fundamentally, subtle energy medicine involves the study and application of the body's relationship to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, as well as light, sound and other forms of energy. The body produces these energies and also responds to these energies that are in the outer environment. Regardless of the method used, the primary purpose is to change the frequency of the body's energy fields, channels and centers.


    Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is non-manipulative to the muscle, performed by hovering over the body or light touches. This therapy is based on the biofield of the body, regulating everything from the cellular function to the nervous system.

    Benefits of Reiki include:

    • Stress reduction,
    • Relaxation,
    • Sleep improvement,
    • Muscle tension reduction,
    • Stimulation to the immune system and overall well-being.

    For more information on your therapist, Cassandra Thistle click here.

    Labyrinth of Life at Gunnison Valley Health

    The Labyrinth on the North Lawn of Gunnison Valley Health is a meditation tool for mindfulness. It is meant for you to set your intention and breath, take your time and enjoy the experience of reflection, allow your mind to calm and sense the pause as you center on your journey to wellness. One should ground and connect your soul with gratitude and breathe because you are a few steps closer to consciousness.

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