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Our Services

Patient Care Unit

Gunnison Valley Health is a 24-bed, short-term, critical access hospital owned and operated by the County of Gunnison. The newly renovated rooms are designed to deliver patient care in the future.

  • Additional space for your loved ones to sleep and eat with you.
  • Modern bathrooms with wheelchair accessibility.
  • A new platform to accommodate the most advanced technology.

We are committed to caring for our community and want your experience to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Know that your health and well-being are our top priorities.

We believe you should be as fully informed as possible concerning the services relating to your care.

Meet Our Staff

The staff at Gunnison Valley Health are a healthcare team consisting of specialists, surgeons, physician's assistants, hospitalists, nursing staff, technicians, and technologists. Our team works in conjunction with various local family practice physicians from multiple offices.

Our dedicated team will make sure that you are comfortable and well-informed throughout your stay.

Patient Meals

A member of our culinary staff will visit with you prior to each meal to take your order based on a physician dietary order. If you miss a meal because of tests or treatment, your nurse can arrange for it to be delivered on your return.

Visiting Hours

We have no defined visiting hours. We appreciate the important role your family and loved ones play in your care and the healing process. For the comfort of other patients, we ask that you limit the number of visitors and hours at which you have visitors. We reserve the right to restrict visitation due to policy. A copy of this policy is available upon request.